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Welcome to Joonho Bang's online portfolio!

Joonho is a talented 3D Generalist and FX Artist.
Joonho Bang began his journey in the world of CG and FX with a background in programming. Starting with a foundation in programming, he has been expanding his skills into areas like design, character art, animation, and storytelling. Learning and growing creatively is what keeps him going!


As a 3D Generalist and FX Artist, Joonho has had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands at The Mill, including Bud Light, Directv, Riot Games, Delta, Spotify, Chevy, Lincoln, Fanduel, and

Additionally, he's collaborated with esteemed brands like Lotte, Age20's, and Laneige as a technical director and FX artist. 

Thanks for taking the time to explore Joonho Bang's portfolio.

He's excited to share more of his work with you!

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